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A student’s experience: ‘Equality, Diversity & Inclusion’ module


By Janine Sappleton-Brown, Middlesex University Student

The optional module that I decided to choose for my final year of my BA HRM programme, was the `Equality, Diversity & Inclusion` (EDI) Module. This module was a true `eye-opener` and can be described as insightful and intuitive and one where I felt I developed and ‘flourished’.
We studied a variety of topics all with expansive and broad-reaching applications to challenge one’s beliefs and positions. These included:
  • Equality
  • Legislation
  • Cultural taboos
  • Respect
  • Faith beliefs
  • Disability
  • Racism 
We also had a wide range of guest speakers such as:

  • CEO of the BIPADA Academy, Patti Boulaye OBE
  • Founder of Choice FM Radio and Root magazine, Neil Kenlock
  • CEO of diversity & equality solutions specialist, `Equal Approach` Dawn Milam-Hurst
We also attended the Mayor of London’s black history month event at City Hall.

It is fair to say that we (students), gained a lot of equality and diversity knowledge that we can apply to everyday life. The module also made me aware of key issues that we often take for granted or tend not to notice, such as unconscious bias and respect.  The EDI module changed my thinking and instilled a desire to pursue a career in diversity.