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Teaching Inclusively – Celebrating diversity

Top Tips:
Teaching Inclusively – Celebrating Diversity: Resources to aid your thinking and planning.  Especially useful for CPD or in need of refreshing your skills.

1.    Incorporating Diversity into a course (Cornell University)
2.    Learning to Teach Inclusively – Interactive Resources (Prof Christine Hockings) Open Education Resources – three modules

3.    Mobile app for the above if you ‘learn on the go’….

4.    Checklist for Inclusive Teaching (based on the original from Monash University):

5.    Universal Design for Learning: checklist and suggestions: the WHY, WHAT and HOW of learning:

6.    How to incorporate UDL in the classroom:

7.    Schoenborn, P., Miller, W., Sheret, K., and Hutchings, S. (2015) Untapped Knowledge: Learning from Student Enablers to develop inclusive practice guides.

8.     Bhagat. D and O’Neill. P (2012) Inclusive Practices, Inclusive Pedagogies Learning from Widening Participation Research in Art and Design Higher Education.

9.    Inclusive curriculum design in higher education - Subject specific considerations