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My experience of inclusivity

By Hibba Butt, Graduate Academic Assistant

Having studied at Middlesex University for three years, the inclusive and friendly environment was one of the main reasons I decided to stay on and work here. From the time that I arrived as a student at this institution, the first thing that I remember seeing was the diversity, which immediately made me feel more comfortable.

I am now employed as a Graduate Academic Assistant at Middlesex and now work in an environment where my daily activities involve people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.

As I studied Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with Dr Doirean Wilson in my final year, I was always paying attention and applying my knowledge to my role at Middlesex University.

Working at Middlesex is my first full-time job.  I was emailed the code of conduct on my first day and the practices that Middlesex University have in place for diversity and inclusion, which I found quite impressive.
Renowned civil rights activists  Rev Jesse Jackson sharing a message about diversity at Middlesex University London

The staff and students are always organising multi-cultural events that are open for everyone to attend. These events allow people to engage with each other while allowing them the chance to understand each other’s backgrounds. This is a primary example that makes evident that Middlesex is an inclusive and welcoming establishment for individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Middlesex’s inclusive learning and working environment has helped to boost my confidence while also motivating me to further my career by studying for a master’s degree.