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Friday, 21 November 2014

Nov 2014 Newsletter

INSPIRE – excellence in learning & teaching at Middlesex

Middlesex University Teaching Fellows                                                                                      November 2014

Welcome to the 5th issue of Inspire. It will be coming to you three times per year.
Feel free to comment on any of the individual items. [Download PDF version]

Centre for Education Research and Scholarship (CERS)
CERs was launched in October with over 100 University academics, staff and external partners coming together to celebrate its inception.

Middlesex University Graduates - 100% employable, 100% employed
This is the ambitious vision for the new Employability Service launched in October 2013.  One year on, 8,000 students have been engaged through 1:1 sessions, workshops and our innovative online employability self-assessment.

University Teaching Fellows Views on Employability
UTFs were asked How do you view employability (skills, integrated into curriculum or bolted on?) Here’s what they are thinking some food for thought? 


Enabling Students - Embedding Employability into the Curriculum
The Dept of Criminology and Sociology is developing a three-year employability programme, focused around field visits, volunteering, placements and internships. A major effort is being put in place to support students to become the ‘authors’ of their personal programme.

About the Academic Excellence Exchange
The MDX Academic Excellence Exchange is a new forum led by the Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE) providing the opportunity for all colleagues engaged in Learning, Teaching and Research to showcase inspiring, innovative and effective academic practices.

Turnitin is used widely across the university allowing students to check their work for text matches ahead of assessment deadlines.Turnitin is used as a teaching tool helping to raise awareness of plagiarism and writing skills.

Welcome to the New University Teaching Fellows and Senior Teaching Fellows 
University Teaching Fellowships aim to recognise and reward outstanding practice and promotion of high quality teaching and learning. Interested?

A regular listing of conferences with a learning and teaching theme, plus links to other sites listing similar events.

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