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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

INSPIRE – excellence in learning & teaching at Middlesex

Middlesex University Teaching Fellows                                                                                      June 2014

Welcome to the fourth issue of Inspire. It will be coming to you three times per year.
Feel free to comment on any of the individual items. [Download PDF version]

Barbara Workman (National Teaching Fellow)
Barbara Workman is leaving the University shortly, after making a huge contribution to the University. Barbara's major milestones are highlighted, together with some tributes from some colleagues.

New Teaching Awards from MdxSU
The MDXSU Teaching Awards look set to become an annual Middlesex University institution that throws a spotlight on the inspirational academics and staff who work here.

Recognition from students
Some thoughts on receiving the MDXSU 'Most Empowering Teacher Award' - by Erin Sanders-McDonagh (2nd from right). "It was an honour .... and to know that it came from my students was wonderfull".


The benefits of staff mobility
We asked several members of staff what they have gained from taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme from Middlesex University.

Top tips for using your downtime
We have put together a short list of ideas of how you might spend your summer months being constructive academically. We know that you are busy reviewing your last academic year and preparing for the next one and the list of web sites may help you relax and re-energise for September.

Explain Everything is an app that will facilitate Digital Storytelling and much more. It is very straightforward to use. Perfect for sharing work with peers and tutors. The app can also be used to create screencasts.

SEDA conference report
A report from a member of the Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE) who attended the SEDA Spring Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference ‘Engaging Students: Engaging Staff’ on 15–16 May in Newcastle.

A regular listing of conferences with a learning and teaching theme, plus links to other sites listing similar events.

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